e3 is Your Production Partner

e3 CRG has been a name in the events industry for 10 years and is backed by 35 years of experience. Our expertise and technology have helped take any production a step above. We are founded on the ability to Entertain, Engage, and create an Experience. You have a vision, we have the tools and know how.

Webcasting & Virtual Events

e3 is well versed in all things webcasting and virtual events to bring your message anywhere on the globe. From gathering your sales force to recording podcasts, we have you covered. Remote guests and hosts? Not a problem. E3 is a solution specialist!

Video Conference Integration

Keep everyone comfortable in the video conference platform they already know and love, while leveraging our technology to make you look like a pro with polished production. Give your meetings, webinars and conferences an upgrade with e3’s expertise.

Video & Post Production

Video is the primary type of content people consume for entertainment and learning. Highlight any message you want to share with the power of video. Have e3’s creative talent edit (or fully produce!) your next sizzle sensation.

Peek Behind the Scenes

e3 CRG has over 35 years of experience in the events industry. Our expertise and technology help take any production to the next level. We’ve partnered with everyone from agencies and marketing companies for cross country seminars, to local schools wanting to bring their meetings digital for higher accessibility. You have a vision, we have the tools and know-how.

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